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Tikka, our original Bengal has the most fantastic nature. She has produced some wonderful kittens and is now spayed and lives with us as a family pet now.

Her daughter Nalla, also brown spotted, has the same lovely disposition.

Nalla had a litter to Aluren Platinum Plus. We kept three kittens, 2 snow spotted (Kiera and Kovo) which we just couldn't part with, and they are now house hats. Camisha, the third kitten, we kept entire. She is a beautifully marked silver spotted. Her kittens were born 1st June 2008.

Please follow the links below to view the pedigrees of Camisha, Nalla and Sumawarrior. The pictures will open in a new browser window which you can close to return to this page once you have viewed them.

Camisha - Click for pedigreeClick here to view Camisha's pedigree »

Nalla - Click here to view pedigreeClick here to view Nalla's pedigree »

Sumawarrior - Click to view pedigreeClick here to view Sumawarrior's pedigree »

If you're interested in our stud cat, Sumawarrior, (who is now fully grown), please phone us on 01631 720311.

Bengal Cat

Camisha and Kovo
Camisha and Kovo

Tikka - Mother of Nalla
Tikka - Mother of Nalla

Tikka - Mother of Nalla
Tikka - Mother of Nalla

Camisha's litter of bengal kittens
Camisha - doing a great job
feeding her 7 hungry kittens
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