Welcome to Lochandubh Pet Boarding - A bit about Fiona ... and all her family ..

In 1979 I left school and went to work at Lynwater kennels, near Broxburn, which belonged to the late Elizabeth McLean, an internationally renowned breeder of cocker spaniels and labradors. We travelled countrywide showing her cockers and made up many champions, winning at Crufts, and exporting young dogs overseas.

I started training labradors to the gun, getting my first lab in 1983 called Drifter. This black bitch did well in working tests and field trials. 8 generations later, the labrador puppies I breed now are her direct decendants.

In 1989 I moved back to Argyll, and starting my own dog training kennel business. This expanded in 1991 when we bought the forestry cottages and land at Achacha. Lochandubh Boarding kennels and cattery was born.

Demand from customers lead to adding a clipping parlour which was very popular for many years. Sadly increasing pain forced me to reluctantly pass this area of my business on, in recent years.

The Argyll Animal Aid kennels, for dogs without a home, needing treatment or rehabilitation, was established here soon after we built our main kennel block. For decades I helped hundreds of dogs, and their old and new owners, until the charity made the decision to move on.

I married Paul in 1997, NOT entirely for his wonderful building skills !! and we had our lovely talented daughter several years later. Music is a big part of our family, and Anna May's part in the Oban High School Pipe Band has taken us across the country, once again, for many years to many successful competitions of a different kind. Anna May and I have 3 labradors currently, which we work at local shoots in the winter : Kyah and Zara are sisters; Time is Kyah's daughter. I usually take one litter from my bitches, keeping one bitch for myself to keep this treasured working line going into the future.

anna may piping
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Ponies, Peacocks and Pigeons !! : Our remote woodland location provides a perfect home for some noisy but very beautiful pets - the peacocks entertain themselves and our guests as they strutt around, displaying, especially in the breeding season. Each year we hatch a few youngsters. The pigeons roost in their loft in the old original 1700's buildings, now converted into stables for our horses. Riding around the local forestry tracks is a great way to relax.
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Boarding Dogs, and cats, for over 30 years.