Welcome to Lochandubh Pet Boarding - A few testimonials from our very loyal customers - thank you ..

"I have always found Fionas care, knowledge, experience, time she gives to any animal that needs it, love, etc the best I have ever seen. I have been taking my dogs to Fiona to board since I moved here in 2011.
Fiona is the only person apart from myself that I would trust to look after my dogs. I don't even trust any of my family or friends to look after them. My dogs love going to the kennels, they get so excited when we turn off the main road to drop them off to stay, they're always happy to go,which is how I know they are well cared for when they are there."
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"All our dogs have stayed at Fiona's kennels at least twice each year whilst we go on holiday, confident in the knowledge they will be well cared for and returned healthy and happy. The kennels are always clean and warm, and all the other dogs appeared contented.Working with you for some time on training gun dogs that are bred from an original dog of ours we are confident that your care and training is to the highest standard."

"We have known Fiona both socially and professionally, as her local veterinary surgeons, for over 30 years and have always found her to be honest, competent and caring. We have used her kennels and cattery for our own animals and have had no hesitation in recommending them to friends and clients due to the high standards of care provided. On occasions this has involved the boarding of animals with ongoing medical problems and the referral of dogs for behavioural therapy.

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I have known Fiona since 2000 when the business advisor at Scottish Agricultural College in Skye suggested I contact her before submitting my application for my boarding kennels.  She was a great source of advice at that point.. Over the years since she has often helped with dog or cat related issues which arise frequently in this business and has always been considered and professional in her views.  Fiona's priority has always been for the welfare of the animals in her care. During November I closed the kennels here and several of my customers have used the Lochandubh Kennels, everyone has been happy with their experience of the place.  There is no other kennel in the Highlands that I would use if I need to board my own dogs and this is because of Fiona's expertise in dealing with difficult, tricky dog
"The kennels at Lochandubh are the best I’ve seen anywhere.As well as being airy and spacious, the fact that they dogs can look out and keep interested all day long is in huge contrast with the other kennels I have used - none of which has had this facility. Indeed, at the large kennels in Lancaster 30-40 dogs are kept in a large indoor shed where there are no views whatsoever. The stalls are also about half the size of those at Lochandubh, and because no sawdust is used the whole yard smells of urine (as do the dogs themselves when you collect them). Indeed, of all the kennels I’ve used over the years (five in total), Lochandubh is the only one where my dog hasn’t returned smelling of urine. (One kennel in the Lake District even tried to disguise the smell of my dog by spraying it with some kind of perfume!).  The sleeping quarters at Lochandubh are also excellent, the heat lamps keeping the dogs warm when necessary - but with freedom to move elsewhere if they get hot. Everything is always spotlessly clean and (again, in contrast with the other kennels I’ve used) my dogs’ bedding has always come home clean and unsoiled."
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I first boarded my Border Terrier ##### with Fiona in August 2011 and have boarded him regularly since then both for short stays and longer periods. I have complete satisfaction with the care given to ##### who always arrives at the kennels with a wagging tail and it is still wagging when leaves. I previously ran a small boarding kennel myself and have worked as a dog warden for 37 years so I consider myself knowledgable in the care of dogs. As a result I am more than happy leaving ##### in Fiona's care knowing he is being very well looked after. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Lochandubh kennels to others and have done regularly and will do again